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Image of Is Britain Great? 3 (Book) by The Caravan Gallery

Is Britain Great? 3 (Book)

By The Caravan Gallery



"Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale spend their time sifting rubbish in the cultural dustbin of modern Britain. This is noticing on an epic scale, poignant and melancholic. Out of it they make art and laughter, a rare combination. Long live The Caravan Gallery!"
Daniel Meadows, the Free Photographic Omnibus.

126 colour photographs by The Caravan Gallery, with essays by Sara-Jayne Parsons, exhibitions curator at the Bluecoat, and Dan Thompson, founder of the Empty Shops Network. Afterword by Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale.

Published by Cornerhouse, 2011
In association with The Caravan Gallery

ISBN 978-0-9569571-0-8
Product Dimensions: 30.4 x 21 x 1 cm

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