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Image of Suilven Stalking Pony by Glyn Satterley

Suilven Stalking Pony

By Glyn Satterley
Archival Inkjet Print

Epson Enhanced Matte


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From the series 'Life in Caithness & Sutherland' printed as part of the exhibition 'Scotland's Far North' (2017).

This body of work from the late 1970s provide a unique insight into Scotlandʼs remote landscape, islands and people. Glyn Satterleyʼs series presents a document of life in the neglected area of Caithness and Sutherland at a time when the myth was much banded about that the oil industry brought wealth and prosperity to the whole of Scotland. Brought up in Kent, Glyn Satterley is best known for his books on ‘Scottish Sporting Estates, and his evocative and sometimes quirky images of landscape and people. ‘Life in Caithness and Sutherland’ preceded this work, and he considers the two years spent commuting from Kent by caravanette as his photographic apprenticeship. It was a welcome release after a Fine Art degree in painting, and his unique style developed during this period.

A long and successful career as an editorial freelance followed, working throughout the UK and abroad, but he has an on-going love affair with the Scottish Highlands. Some of his most memorable images come from working situations there - if the light is right, or a figure within it works its magic within his frame. These are the ones that excite him; the ones he hopes others will want to share. His prints are in private collections, Scotland's National Collection and Strathclyde University.

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