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Street Level Open 2022


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Street Level Open 2022
28th May - 7th August

Download: Exhibition Handout / Artist Biographies / Artist Statements

The Street Level Open is a celebration of contemporary photographic image making in Scotland. Since the last Street Level Open in 2019 the world has changed in unimaginable ways, and this exhibition is an opportunity to reflect upon the resilience and creativity of photographic artists working in the country today. 

The Open embraces a range of styles, themes and techniques - with an inevitable focus this year on the impact of dramatic changes in our personal and civic lives. We were overwhelmed by the strength and diversity of the applications received, with this year's exhibition featuring 100 photographers drawn from all over Scotland who each embrace different facets of the photographic medium.

Featuring work by Agnieszka Szymaniak, Ailsa Robertson, Alasdair Dimmick, Alasdair Watson, Allan Sutherland, Andrew Lochhead, Andy Dawson, Angela Catlin, Annie King, Brian Craig, Brittonie Fletcher, Calum McFayden, Celine McIlmunn, Chris Leslie, Christina Webber, Colin Templeton, Connor Davidson, Craig Buchan, Csilla Kozma, Danielle McLeod, David Buchanan, David Grinly, David Kirk, David Palmer, Des Kodur, Donnie MacLean, Douglas McBride, Duncan Thompson, Eddie Brooks, Elliot Hetherton, Emanuele Centi, Gringuts, Erin Semple, Finlay MacIntosh, Frances Scott, Gair Dunlop, Gemma Dagger, Gina Lundy, Helen Jones, Holger Mohaupt, Ian McKinnell, Ian Waugh, Indre Bylaite, Jack Low, James Cadden, James Pfaff, James Wright, Jeff Edwards, Jenny Hood, Joe O'Brien, John Perivolaris, Julie Laing, Katy Bridgestock, Keith Davenport, Keith Jones, Lea Mariella, Lesley Logue, Mandy Edwards, Marco Scerri, Margaret Diamond, Mark Vice, Martha Orbach, Matt Sillars, Matteo Crawford, Max Howarth, Michael Rankin, Michael Skeen, Michael Thomson, Morwenna Kearsley, Niamh McInally, Nicola Stead, Olle Borgar, Paul Gorman, Paul Walton, Paul Wotton, Peter Iain Campbell, Philip Gibson, Philip Lavery, Rachel Collie, Rebecca Milling, Robert Henderson, Robin Mitchell, Roddy McKenzie, Ross Finnie, Ross Samson, Ruby O’Neill, Sandy Wotton, Sarah Hepworth, Shaun Fox, Simon Riddell, Sophie Stewart, Steven Robertson, Susan Mains, Sylwia Kowalczyk, Thomas Hutton, Vachagan Meloyan, William English, Wullie Elliott and Zeno Watson.

View the Virtual Exhibition here

Banner Image © Csilla Kozma
Left Image © Gina Lundy

Exhibition Layout: 1 2 3 4 5 / 6 7

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