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Image of Unseen (Book) by Nicola Muirhead

Unseen (Book)

By Nicola Muirhead


This series of pictures were captured during the pandemic and lockdown in London where the photographer lived with her partner and published by Another Place Press.

Each of the Polaroid images was put through a ritualistic “disinfecting” process using water, sanitizer, soap, bleach, Dettol and other household cleaners — products meant to keep us safe in our homes and from each other to minimize the spread of the coronavirus. The work became a visual exploration into the psychological landscape of the coronavirus — a silent and invisible invader of our daily lives — and how we as a society are struggling to adapt to its presence, as the waves of transmission continued to sweep across the globe.

Nicola Muirhead is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller from the island of Bermuda, focusing on long-form projects and portraiture.

Softcover, 66 pages
21 x 26cm

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