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Image of In Praise of Darkness and Light (Book) by Robert John Henderson

In Praise of Darkness and Light (Book)

By Robert John Henderson



Robert John Henderson is a photographer, psychologist and leadership coach based in Glasgow working internationally. In Praise of Darkness and Light is the outcome of an exchange residency in 2018 between Street Level and Ostkreuz Association, supported by Festival 2018, and Goethe Institute, Glasgow.

In Praise of Darkness and Light  explores the experience of darkness and light. Its focus is the city, the streets, lanes, canals, rivers, the open places of the public sphere, the edges of private life. It also explores a personal sense of darkness in the hidden, the shadows, the internal and the unconscious human world. For Henderson, it speculates on the experience of being human and of inhabiting both of these worlds, and continuing a process of questioning, reflecting and making what is hidden conscious. 

Softcover, 56 pages
23 x 19cm

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