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Image of The Point Of The Deliverance (Book) by Alex Boyd

The Point Of The Deliverance (Book)

By Alex Boyd


A collection of works made using the antique wet-plate collodion process charting the ancient Atlantic coastlines and mountains of Scotland and Ireland. With many images never seen or exhibited before, The Point of The Deliverance is a unique visual record of the Irish and Scottish coastline as experienced through the eyes of an itinerant photographer, making a pilgrimage to the very edges of the Celtic world.

Alex Boyd is a landscape and documentary photographer, printmaker and writer. His work is primarily concerned with the Scottish landscape. As a photographer his work examines the role of early Scottish landscape photographers, often using antique processes such as the Victorian wet-plate collodion process using antique cameras in mountain environments.

Hardcover, 136 pages
20 x 24.5cm

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