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Image of Passion (Book) by Maud Sulter

Passion (Book)

By Maud Sulter



Maud Sulter (1960–2008) was an award-winning artist and writer, curator and gallerist of Ghanain and Scottish heritage who lived and worked in Britain.

In 2015 Street Level held the exhibition 'Maud Sulter - Passion ', which featured key chapters in her multilayered photographic art practice: works from the critically acclaimed Zabat (1989), and for the first time since their initial exhibitions across Britain, several works from each of the projects HysteriaSyrcas and Les Bijoux. The exhibition was the first detailed examination and exhibition of Sulter’s work since 2003, with exclusive and unique access by the curators to the Sulter archive. 

This accompanying publication includes an in-depth essay on Maud’s work by a leading authority of her work, Deborah Cherry, a re-edited interview from 1991 by Mark Haworth-Booth, then Senior Curator of Photographs at the V+A in London, a selection of Maud’s poems, including A Poem of Love, Circa, and Plantation, as well as a list of works and selected writings and exhibitions.

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