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Image of Nebula IV by Alan Knox

Nebula IV

By Alan Knox
Unique Silver Gelatin Photogram

Ilford MG Classic Matt Fibre Based


Street Level Editions offer the opportunity to collect contemporary photography by emerging and established artists from across Scotland and beyond.

We are pleased to offer Universal Sympathy, a set of unique limited edition photograms from award-winning Scottish photographer Alan Knox, exclusively for Street Level Editions.

Knox’s photograms were produced by scattering his late Grandfather’s ashes onto photosensitive paper and exposing them to light to create constellations and galaxies of his own making. Due to the nature of their production, each print is unique, and the resulting photographs are completely captivating in their beauty and psychological intensity. A selection of prints from this series is held in the permanent collection of Glasgow School of Art.

“Scattering the cremated ashes of my Grandfather, Duncan Marshall onto photographic paper as photograms, a vision of the universe appears in which one can see almost as far back in time as the Big Bang, reconnecting the remains of the dead with the origin of all life.” - Alan Knox

‘Nebula IV’ is one of nine prints available from the series ‘Universal Sympathy’. Each print comes is signed and numbered verso, and was hand printed by the artist in the darkroom at Street Level Photoworks.

This print is available from £75 per month interest free with Own Art - For more information or to purchase through Own Art please call 0141 552 2151 or visit the gallery

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