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Image of Modern Muse (Book) by Arpita Shah

Modern Muse (Book)

By Arpita Shah


Featuring a new series of portraits by Arpita Shah that explore South Asian female identity, commissioned by GRAIN Projects the ‘Modern Muse’ portraits visually and conceptually explore the ever-shifting identities and representations of South Asian women.  Shah draws from and subverts Mughal and Indian miniature paintings from ancient and pre-Colonial times as she examines the intersections of culture and identity, drawing on the women’s lived experiences and her own journey and life. 

In her practice Shah focuses on the notion of home, diaspora, belonging and shifting cultural identities. Here does this in collaboration with women who are also artists, creatives and educators based in Birmingham and the West Midlands.  The portraits were collaborative in nature and during their participation the women spoke of their own experiences.  Sections of their texts can be found in the new publication alongside the portraits. 

As part of the publication GRAIN commissioned new writing by Alina Khakoo.  ‘Modern Muse & South Asian Feminism’ explores these portraits as a collective and community within a social genre. 

Softcover, 72 pages

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