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Image of Oscar Marzaroli (Book) by Oscar Marzaroli

Oscar Marzaroli (Book)

By Oscar Marzaroli



To coincide with the hugely popular Oscar Marzaroli exhibition Street Level Photoworks are proud to publish a new book of Marzaroli's iconic works. 

The book includes previously unseen photographs, contact sheets and a rare interview with Oscar Marzaroli made shortly before his death in 1988.

This new publication serves as a timely reminder of Marzaroli's incredible photographic record of the changing face of Scotland from the 1950s to the 1980s. Through portraits and landscapes, Marzaroli captured Scotland during an exceptional time when city slums were being cleared to make way for new social housing. It is said his images perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere surrounding those fundamental shifts in society.

Softcover, 144 Pages
15 x 21cm 

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