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Image of In Search of the Blue Flower (Book) by Alexander Hamilton

In Search of the Blue Flower (Book)

By Alexander Hamilton



In Search of the Blue Flower: Alexander Hamilton and The Art of Cyanotype is part of the SSHoP  Scottish Photographic Artists Series, with guest contributions by academics and curators, individuals who have written on Hamilton and his work during a career currently spanning 50 years. 

In this lavishly illustrated book with 140 coloured images, the author presents his early formative years, recounting the way his engagement with the cyanotype process has informed his art practice, through his time at Edinburgh College of Art, to his program of exhibitions and residencies, and finally his work within field of public arts. The final section of the book presents a comprehensive selection of his cyanotypes from his earliest creations in 1971 through to the present day. 

The book includes contributions from Richard Ovenden, Julie Lawson, Christian Weikop, Mike Ware, James Berry, Vanessa Sellars, Ewan McArthur, Gemma Rolls Bentley, Jaromir Jedlinski, Piotr Tryjanowski, Christine Gunn, and Sara Stevenson. 

The Special Edition comes with a unique Cyanotype print

21.34 x 26.67cm, 168 pages

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