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Image of In Praise of Darkness and Light II (Book) by Robert John Henderson

In Praise of Darkness and Light II (Book)

By Robert John Henderson



Robert John Henderson is a photographer, psychologist and leadership coach based in Glasgow working internationally. In Praise of Darkness and Light II Night Walks is the follow-up to the first book which came out in 2019.

This is the second book is a series of three exploring what Carl Jung called “Individuation”. This is a process of bringing into consciousness and integrating into one’s sense of self what is invisible within. Robert drifted through the streets of twelve European towns and cities in the manner of The dérive (Debord 1956) while also making images. The images represent the connection between the city as encountered and the invisible unconscious shadow within.  Image making was followed by an intensive personal exploration in journaling and the transformation of largely found objects. Robert uses the term ‘Night walks’ to describe this experience of individuation, making conscious, and integrating into one’s sense of self. ‘Night walks’ reveal something of personal and shared social shadows.

Softcover, 100 pages
23 x 19cm

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