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Image of Black Water (Zine) by Paul Walton

Black Water (Zine)

By Paul Walton

Paul Walton is an ecologist from Glasgow and a long-time member of Street Level's production facilities. Black Water is a set of self-published artist zines that centres on the shifting relationships with each other, the land, other species, and with the Atlantic, during a period of environmental upheaval.

Lochan Dubh is a completely unremarkable pool in the far north-west of Scotland. Allt Dubh is a completely unremarkable stream in Argyll. Both are in ecologically degraded landscapes – the lochan in overgrazed and over-burned ‘wet desert’; the stream in an ancient woodland devastated by invading Rhododendron and spruce planted for profit. This series tries to reconcile personal anger at the degradation of Scotland’s ecosystems with the unadulterated magic, the ‘charge’, that somehow still permeates these landscapes. - Paul Walton

Softcover, unpaginated
21.5 x 21.5cm

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