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Image of Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place (Book) by Nicky Bird

Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place (Book)

By Nicky Bird



Gathering together family snaps, historical records and oral accounts, Nicky Bird has been collaborating with individuals and groups from communities across Scotland to unearth personal histories whose physical traces are on the brink of erasure.

Published to coincide with the exhibition at Stills, Edinburgh in 2010, Beneath the Surface / Hidden Place  investigates the simultaneously precarious and powerful nature of memory while exploring how photography and archaeology can be incorporated in both literal and metaphorical ways to speak of ‘history’.

Essays and Interviews include:
Kirsten Lloyd ‘ The Brink of Erasure’, Rhona Warwick and Nicky Bird ‘Processes & Practices ‘, Ray McKenzie ‘Si Monumentum Requiris, Circumspice: commeration and loss at Lethanhill’, Jan McTaggart ‘On Location Foxbar, Paisley’, with additional excerpts from collaborators Karen Hamilton and Elaine Mackie.

Softcover, 48 pages
28.5 x 20.5cm

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