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Working the Border


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Working the Border
Carlisle Photo Festival: 7th November - 15th November

'Working the Border’ explores the geophysical cartographic line that separates Scotland from England, and it borrows its title from the larger work by ae phor, a selection of which is exhibited in the waiting room on platform 4, accompanied by a soundwork ‘Border Fiddle Music’. This space also includes a selected series from Jo Metson Scott's 'The Borderland' project, being shown for the first time, alongside 'Schengland' and 'The Debatable Land' by Alan Knox.

On the bridge linking Northbound and Southbound platforms, is a group exhibition on the hoarding with a series of works based upon or commenting on the Anglo-Scottish border and notions of national identity, landscape and history, including works by Sophie Gerrard, Colin Gray, Andy Wiener, Colin McPherson, Donald John MacLean, and Jeremy Sutton Hibbert

Banner image: Alan Knox
Left image: Sophie Gerrard

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Colin McPherson
Sophie Gerrard

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
Alan Knox

Jo Metson Scott

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