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Ulla Schildt - A Rare Visitor


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30th January - 27th March 2016

Ulla Schildt ‘A Rare Visitor’ (2014/15)

A Rare Visitor is an ongoing series of images of natural history museums and zoo´s in cities such as Oslo, Dublin, Berlin, London, Paris and Tallinn. The work is a study of spaces where ´nature´ has been artificially constructed for people to experience it safely and easily. These artificial spaces allow people to feel in control of the natural world. Like photography, museums and zoos set up a relationship where man is no longer a part of nature but is a privileged observer. They highlight the idea that these locations are built to maintain the illusion of wilderness in places that are totally man made. The work reflects people´s desire to create order and at the same time master the natural environment.

Ulla Schildt is from Oulu in Finland, and currently lives in Oslo, Norway. She studied photography at the Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Helsinki. ‘A Rare Visitor’ is an evolving project which has manifested itself at Akershus Kunstsenter, Lillestrøm, and Galleri Ask, Horten, both in Norway.  Group exhibitions include ‘Exiles’, Spriten Kunsthall, Skien and Gallery BOA, Oslo, Norway, and ‘Disappearances’ at Kristiansand Kunsthalle, Kristiansund and Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland. She is a member of the Union of Artist Photographers in both Finland and Norway respectively.

Watch a short video clip of Ulla discussing 'A Rare Visitor' below:

Norwegian Perspectives in Photography

Also on show during Ulla Schildt’s exhibition are a series of publications which present a variety of perspectives in contemporary photographic language from Norway. This includes Angle 1-90˚, a publication series edited by Line Bøhmer Løkken and Verena Winkelmann and published by Multipress; and a series of books provided by Fotogalleriet, including those by Susanne M. Winterling and the winners of the Nordic Dummy Awards - Christina Leithe Hansen ‘Notes’ (2012), Maija Savolainen ‘When the Sense of Belonging is Bound to a System of Movement’ (2013), and Iikka Tolonen’s ‘HÄRKÄLÄ’ (2014).

Multipress is a non-profit publisher based in Oslo focusing artist books and publications with an emphasis on photography and is run by three artists Marte Aas, Line Bøhmer Løkken and Anne-Grethe Thoresen. The Nordic Dummy Award was initiated by Fotogalleriet and the Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers in 2012 and is awarded annually in connection with the Fotobokfestival Oslo. The award goes to an artist with a connection to the Nordic countries and is juried. Fotogalleriet is a non-profit institution established in 1977 by the artists Dag Alveng, Bjørn Høyum and Tom Sandberg and became a foundation in 1979. Fotogalleriet promotes and supports Norwegian and international contemporary camera-based art by means of exhibitions, seminars, lectures, publications and other presentation formats.

Banner Image: 'Passage' 2007 © Ulla Schildt
Left Image: 'Fragments # II' 2015 © Ulla Schildt

Runs alongside 'Liza Dracup - Re: Collections'


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