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Surface Tension


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New Process Based Photography

An exhibition featuring four contemporary artists who variously use intuitive processes to produce tactile, lyrical and multi-layered artworks. Includes Lorna MacintyreSusanne Ramsenthaler, Karen L Vaughan and Catherine Cameron. Coincides with Blueprint II .

"Each [artist] treats the image surface as an intuitive terrain through which process both defines and reveals how the temporal and resonant qualities of photography coalesce" - Review by Dr. Katherine Parhar, featured on Photomonitor. Read full article.

Lorna Macintyre studied BA Environmental Art and an MFA at The Glasgow School of Art. Her work encompasses sculpture and photography and her photographic compositions focus on the physical and material nature of her process and subject matter. Combining images side by side in groupings as well as within individual prints she presents diverse material together without hierarchy, exploring relationships between abstraction and figuration, sculpture and photography, composition and the logic of chance.

Susanne Ramsenthaler is a visual artist living in Edinburgh. Her work is mostly lens-based, encompassing a wide range of practice, from antique non-silver printing techniques to video, digital imaging and computer animation. 

Her interests lie in visual perception and the photographic image, in this case the photogram, which can be thought of as a coming together of vision and touch. As opposed to the photograph, the photogram is an index, more manifestation than depiction: somewhat related to the X-ray. One could think of it as 'making touch visible', an imaging technique very different to that of a camera lens. In this spirit of hybrid practice, mixing low-tech with high-tech, old with new, has become a regular mode of working. Susanne exhibits widely on a national and international level. Her work has been shown in the UK, USA, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Japan, and at the St. Petersburg Biennale, Russia.

Catherine Cameron is interested in psychological matters that form and shape us as human beings, with her work exploring the cyclical nature of repetitive thoughts and behaviour, the actions we repeat regardless of the results. She is interested in the role that hope holds in our lives, from its lifesaving capabilities to its detrimental aspects, when hope prevents us from making necessary changes, and moving on. The playwright Henrik Ibsen described this as the Life-Lie, a state of denial, the life-lie becomes a detrimental zone of comfort, a space inhabited by emotions like longing, melancholia and loneliness.

Karen L Vaughan's ‘rest awhile’ is a consideration of the social, historical and geographical landscapes of Scotland’s east coast fishing villages and surrounding seascapes, from Stonehaven, meandering down through Angus and Fife into Pittenweem. This new body of work is a starting point, a slight pause; presenting an exploration of coastal legacies where familiar elements are marvelled in and captured as overlapping, merging and often fragmented panoramas. 

ARTISTS TALKS: Saturday 24th October at 3pm. Come and hear the four artists discuss their work, practice and ideas.

Left image: Pick Me Up and Put Me Down Again 2015 © Catherine Cameron
Banner image: From the series 'rest awhile' © Karen L Vaughan

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