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Richard Callender 'The Inner Beauty of Puddles and Other Things' - Street Level Member's Exhibition


December 2014 marked the start of a new series of informal members events at Street Level alongside display exhibitions of their work. These will provide members with an opportunity to show and speak about work in progress, seek feedback from other members, and share techniques and skills.

2 April - 31 May

Contemplative Photography – The Inner Beauty of Puddles and Other Things

Richard’s main photographic interests lie outdoors- landscapes, streetscapes and architecture. But taking inspiration from the work of other photographers, poetry and Japanese paintings, he has also been  photographing natural objects and phenomena following a loosely defined concept of ‘Contemplative Photography', removing context and (strangely) colour and exploring the ways photography can reveal the 'Inner Beauty' of things.

Richard joined Street Level March 2014 to take forward basic knowledge and skills gained at the 20 week introductory evening class course in B&W Photography at Glasgow School of Art. He mainly uses the excellent darkroom and film processing facilities. His day job is a town planner with Stirling Council – at the moment he is mostly involved in preparing new guidance for wind energy projects.

This exhibition is accessible to SLP members only.

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