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Online Event

Reclaiming the Colonial Gaze - Matthew, Tyrell & Adekunle

Reclaiming the Colonial Gaze
6.30pm Thursday 14th October
Live on Zoom, Free but Ticketed 

Book via (

Artists Annu Palakunnathu Matthew (Rhode Island), Stacey Tyrell (New York) and Tayo Adekunle (UK) will discuss their work exploring narratives of migration, race, memory and identity (spanning the UK, India, Nigeria, West Indies, Scotland, Canada and USA) and how they use photography to reflect, re-examine and reclaim. 

Chaired by Zandra Yeaman (Scotland) and programmed as part of Black History Month Scotland 2021

Banner Image: Untitled series, 2018 © Stacey Tyrell
Left Image:
 From the series 'An Indian from India' © Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

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