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Projection Programme with Luovake - The Centre for Creative Photography


The Centre for Creative Photography in Jyväskylä, Finland and Street Level were both founded in September of 1989. 

To celebrate this we are hosting a projection programme profiling work from artists associated with The Centre for Creative Photography. The projection programme features work by Anne Kalliola, Anssi Ruuska, Kalle Björklid, Mikko Auerniitty, Niina Vehmaa & Sanna Kostamo. 

In September 2019, Scottish work was projected in Jyväskylä at Väinönkatu 32 and featured work by Arpita Shah | Doro Zinn | Iain Sarjeant | Paul Glazier | Works from the Street Level Open 2019 | Works from Futureproof.

A membership based organisation, Luovake represents photography from Central Finland and actively publishes a variety of photography based publications. The photography centre is part of a national network of photography in Finland and is known for its exhibitions and educational work in contemporary photography, as well as in the interface of photography and art.

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Banner Image: © Anssi Ruuska
Left Image: © Niina Vehmaa


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