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Paul Walton 'Marram' - Street Level Member's Exhibition


December 2014 marked the start of a new series of informal members events at Street Level alongside display exhibitions of their work. These will provide members with an opportunity to show and speak about work in progress, seek feedback from other members, and share techniques and skills.

'The North Atlantic erodes bedrock into sand. Heaved and drifted by gales, in this the marram seed takes root. A sub-surface network clinging to the grains against prevailing Westerlies. Sand gathers under the living crust and dunes form. Their edges break and fold in storms, and roots re-grow. Marram grass, claiming its shifting home, making land. It clasps and holds its environment and the two become one. Marram isĀ Ammophila, the sand lover.'

Paul Walton works for a wildlife conservation charity and is based in Glasgow. He has been a Street Level member since 2012, focusing on black and white printing in the darkroom. His subject is Scottish nature, trying to reflect wild plants and animals not as remote and elusive, but as they appear every day around us, becoming normalities, un-noticed.

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