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Street Level Open 2019


Street Level Open 2019
12th September - 24th November 
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 ‘…there is no such thing as a singular photography at all, only discontinuous, myriad photographies…’ - Geoffrey Batchen

The Street Level Open comes into existence once again to mark the organisation’s 30th Year of championing photography. Featuring the work of over 60 artists the exhibition’s aim is clear  - to create a lively exhibition embracing the range of formats and methods of photographic image-making currently being practiced here. Be it post-photography or proto-analogue we are interested in work that embodies the essence of photography as well as that which sits at its verge. Photography as gesture, as evidence, as archive, as a window into another places or a reflection of your inner self, photography is in and around us…

This is the 8th edition of the Street Level Open and the works on show were selected from open submission. Submission guidelines can be found here.

Featuring work by Sofie Adelsparre, Victor Albrow, Stephanie Black-Daniels, Alex Boyd, Kenny Brown, Craig Buchan, Indre Hilara Bylaite, James Cadden, Peter Iain Campbell, Sean Patrick Campbell, Eoin Carey, James Carney, Simona Ciocarlan, Saskia Coulson, Gemma Dagger, Lorenzo Dalberto, Keith Lloyd Davenport, Teresa Dickson, Ezra Evans, Laura Feliu Lloberas, Dave Ferrie, Ross Finnie, Adam Geary, Joseph Glover, Paul Gorman, Jo Grant, Alex Hetherington, Jenny Hood, Keith Ingham, Ira Alexandra Iosub, Helen Jones, Morwenna Kearsley, Robert H King, Marysia Lachowicz, Julie Laing, Philip J Lavery, Izzy Leach, Lesley Logue, Tricia Malley, Martyna Maz, David McDairmid, Gordon MacIntyre McDonald, Frank McElhinney, Roddy McKenzie, Iain McLean, Aga Paulina Mlynczak, Hilary Mooney, Simon Murphy, Emma Newcombe, Ruby O'Neill, Mark Osborne, John Perivolaris, Aileen Peter, James Pfaff, Carmel Pia, Natalia Poniatowska, Daniele Sambo, Kathryn Scott, Dan Shay, Matt Sillars, Michael Stewart, Colin Tennant, Michael Thomson, Karen Vaughan, Paul Walton, Matthew Wiseman, Paul Wotton, Sandy Wotton & Heather Yates

The exhibition commences Street Level's 30th Anniversary celebrations which will mark the year from now until September 2020. It is also programmed as part of Photography Scotland's fifth Season of Photography. More information on exhibitions and events taking place across the country here

Banner Image: © Sofie Adelsparre

Left Image: © Peter Iain Campbell

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