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One Man's World: Remembering Oscar Marzaroli

Street Level Photoworks is pleased to be hosting One Man’s World: Remembering Oscar Marzaroli to celebrate the legacy of arguably Scotland’s most notable documentary photographer. This event is ticketed - please book via Eventbrite

This intimate evening sees Ricky Ross, frontman of Deacon Blue and long time supporter of Oscar Marzaroli in conversation with Oscar’s daughter Marie-Clare who; along with sisters Nicola and Lisa Jane, oversees the Oscar Marzaroli Collection, the archive of which was recently donated to Glasgow Caledonian University. This special event celebrates the life and work of Oscar Marzaroli, and the indelible influence Oscar's work has played in Scottish cultural life.

Oscar’s work is part of Scotland’s social history. I got in touch with Oscar after I became fascinated with his work, and he ended up coming out with us and shooting some photographs for our first Deacon Blue album in different locations. I’d told him about the idea of Raintown and he called me one day to say there was a picture he thought suited it. It’s the one of the sunshine coming through the clouds. We loved it and our music from that period has been linked to Oscar ever since.
Ricky Ross, speaking at the launch of the Oscar Marzaroli Collection at Glasgow Caledonian University

All Images: © Oscar Marzaroli / The Marzaroli Collection
Banner Image: Looking South, Park Terrace 1960
Left Image: Deacon Blue in Concert, The Pavilion 1987

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