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Off-Site Exhibition

New Photographers Guild: Still Searching...


Still Searching...
Trongate 103, Glasgow G1 5HD
4th July - 24th August 2019

'Still Searching...
' is the fourth annual exhibition by the New Photographers Guild. Over the course of the last six months each of five participating artists have made work in response to the theme of ‘Worship’. The photographs on display showcase a multifaceted approach to picture making by a diverse group of young and emergent photographic artists based in Scotland.

Simona Ciocarlan is a Romanian visual artist and photographer based in Glasgow. Simona’s work explores the relationship and impact between traditions and the modern world, investigating how our perceptions over the world are influenced by cultural heritage. 

Aga Paulina Mlynczak is a Polish artist based in Glasgow. A project delves into memories in order to isolate and identify qualities that made her believe in the divine or experience the sublime in childhood. ‘Ghost in a Shell’ introduces religious symbolism to concepts of self-love/self-sabotage, providing an alternative spiritual but secular narrative.

Carmel Pia is an artist based in Glasgow. Her work dedicates importance and gives time to the in-between spaces in our lives using photography, painting and printmaking. For the New Photographers Guild, Pia explores the infrastructure of the built environment and its relationship with the natural.

Paul Reich's work focuses on his own curiosities about the world around him, rooted in an interest for storytelling. His current work is a personal look at his own relationship by considering the meeting of the conscious and subconscious in the act of making photographs. 

Ilisa Stack primarily uses social documentary and environmental portraiture in her practice as a means of visual story telling. For the project living grief Ilisa uses in-camera double exposures to express her intimate personal conflicts of emotions in relation to her father’s recent terminal cancer diagnosis. 

The New Photographers Guild is a mentored photography programme preparing recent graduates for professional life beyond education led by Elaine Livingstone, photographer, Claire Stewart, photography lecturer and James Pfaff, photographer and artist, in association with Street Level Photoworks.

Banner Image: © Carmel Pia

Left Image: © Ilisa Stack 

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