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New Photographers Guild Artist Talks

New Photographers Guild Artist Talks
Tuesday 22nd November
6.30pm - 7.30pm
Livestreamed on Facebook

Join artists Miriam Ali, Csian Jemecel Canave, Dave Lane, Keziah MacNeill, Niamh McInally and Laura Prieto for a series of short presentations on the ideas and processes behind their works made as part of the New Photographers Guild 2022

They will be joined by Robert John Henderson, a photographic artist with a background in psychology and leadership coaching. He was a mentee of the New Photographers Guild 2017.

In ‘Ever Alive’ Miriam Ali explores the poppy’s role as a symbol of freedom in Palestine, showing its repeated cycle of bloom and decay, whilst Keziah MacNeill’s project ‘And I, Dice in Hand’ explores the tools that play a supportive role in decision-making across a range of board games. 

Niamh McInally’s ongoing series of portraits aim to build an archive of girls and women living in Scotland, which explores the theme of womanhood and female empowerment, meanwhile Laura Prieto uses traditional and alternative analogue techniques to depict dreams and nightmares. 

In Csian Jemecel Canave’s series he combines experimental portraits with elements of landscape and seascape to create images that evoke painterly elements, whilst Dave Lane’s images explore the relationships between his partner, her father, and the 540,000 bees that he keeps.

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