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Marcelo Brodsky - 1968: The Fire of Ideas


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Marcelo Brodsky - 1968: The Fire of Ideas
Street Level Photoworks, 10 February - 08 April

Artist Talk: Sat 10 February 3pm, Followed by Opening Reception at 4pm.

Marcelo Brodsky is an Argentine artist and human rights activist, working with images and documents of specific events to investigate broader social, political and historical issues. In 1968 – the Fire of Ideas Brodsky features archival images of student and worker demonstrations around the world, carefully annotated by hand in order to deconstruct what lay behind worldwide social turbulence in the late 1960s. Images of anti-Vietnam war demonstrations in London and Tokyo sit alongside protests in Bogota, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico, Prague and San Paolo against military regimes and oppressive government structures.

For decades, Brodsky owned and directed a photo agency with offices throughout Latin America. After many years of exile in Barcelona, Brodsky returned to his native Argentina in 1994 after having fled during the years of the so-called Dirty War - a decade of state-sponsored terrorism in which dissidents and opponents of the military dictatorship were “disappeared”.

In partnership with Ffotogallery, Cardiff.

Images: © Marcelo Brodsky

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