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Off-Site Exhibition

Yohanne Lamoulere: 'Roma' / Franck Pourcel: 'Noailles'


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Alliance Française de Glasgow | 2nd Sep – 29th Oct

Yohanne Lamoulere: ‘Roma: Marseille ajar city’
Franck Pourcel: ‘Noailles at the time of rehabilitation’

Lamoulere's series arose from several months work in a temporary community that Roma have built north of Marseille. It is a precarious refuge with no sanitation – eviction prowls and the prospect of violence is a constant in their everyday lives. Despite this, they eat, work, and educate their children to the best of their means 

In the heart of the first district of Marseille, the Noailles district is an area of contradiction – a space undergoing development, it also houses migrants and temporary workers with poor housing. Pourcel's photographic series aims to show the diversity of people and their homes as well as decipher the strategies that each - whether personal, family or community-based - shape their living in the neighbourhood.

Yohanne Lamoulere is a member of the agency Picturetank and the collective Transit. Born in 1980, not far from the Mediterranean, she graduated from the National School of Photography in Arles in 2004, then moved to Marseille. She works frequently with the French and foreign press: Liberation and Le Monde, Le Nouvel Observateur, Causette and Télérama, La Republica in Italy and Der Spiegel in Germany.In 2007 she published The Wheel. In 2008, after spending three years in Europe among seasonal migrant workers, she presented her photographs in an exhibition, Les Damnés de la Serre, produced by the Immigration Museum. False Towns was also shown by Fnac in its various galleries in France, as well as being published as a portfolio piece by Le Monde.

Franck Pourcel, born 1965, lives and works in Marseille. His work leads a reflection on the relationship that man has with its territory. He divides his time between photographic projects, reflecting on the use of photography in the social sciences and leading interventions with different audiences. Pourcel’s photographs have been exhibited in France and abroad. His work is in the collections of the National Library of France, the FRAC PACA, the Departmental Archives of Bouches-du-Rhône, the Museum Ziem in Martigues, the Mediterranean Centre of Photography in Bastia and the Artothèque Cherbourg. Pourcel is the author of several monographs, including The Smell of Dust, (Le Bec En L’Air Publishing, 2015); Ulysses or Constellations (Le Bec En L’Air Publishing, 2015); At Twilight (Le Bec En L’Air Publishing, 2009); La Petite Mer des Oubliés (Le Bec En L’Air Publishing, 2006).Franck Pourcel is a member of the studio Hans Lucas and of the association Anthropological Eye. 

This is a Street Level Photoworks off-site exhibition curated to coincide with the Season of Photography 2016, and is part of celebrations marking 10 years of Friendship and Twinning between Glasgow and Marseille, supported by Glasgow City Council and Alliance Française.  It corresponds with exhibitions at Trongate 103/Institut Français showing a different series of works by both Lamoulere and Pourcel.

Meet the Artists: Friday 2nd September, 2pm. Come along to the Alliance Française for a walk and talk with the artists.

Banner Image: © Yohanne Lamoulere
Left Image: © Franck Pourcel

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