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In Focus


'In Focus' is a regular series of concentrated events on and around photography activity. Between 21st and 28th November, we will be hosting a series of short Q+A's with Scottish based photographers who have recently published or been published, professional development talks and more insights into current and historical creative talent in the medium, from a Scottish based vantage point.

 Sat 21 Nov 2015 | 2-4pm
A series of short Q&A’s around new publications:  Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Sophie Gerrard, Simon Crofts, and Adam Geary of Aglu. 

Sun 22 Nov 2015 | 2-4pm
Graduate Book Dummy  presentations: Tine Bek, Kotryna Ula  Kiliulyte, Alan Knox, Lucie Rachel, and Cora James. The book dummies will be on display  in SLP’s retail area between 22nd and 29th November.

Fri 27 Nov 2015 | 7pm
An Evening with David Eustace

Sat 28 Nov 2015 | 2-3pm
Scottish Photography: The First Thirty Years

Banner Image: 'Kherson' © Simon Crofts from 'Expectations'
Left Image: © Tine Bek from 'Barok'

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