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In Focus: Julie Cumming & Shaun Murawski

In Focus: Julie Cumming & Shaun Murawski
6.30pm Thursday 1st April
Livestreamed through Facebook*

For our twelfth In Focus artist talks we will be joined by Julie Cumming and Shaun Murawski as they discuss their recently self-published artist books and zines.

Julie Cumming is a designer, photographer and writer based in Highland Perthshire. Her work is focused around human-centred design and storytelling, working on a mixture of writing, graphic design, photography and interior design projects. 

Abstract Cities is a limited edition zine showcasing four years of cities captured on 35mm film and features photographs of the urban environments and their details.

From Home is a book which documents the social history of life in Atholl in the 20th century, through informal interviews with its residents accompanied by evocative photography of the area in which the stories take place. The book tells stories from remote glens, a 15th century watermill and Blair Castle itself, many of which are undocumented, save for in conversations between friends and family.

Shaun Murawski is a photographer based in Glasgow.  His photographs are primarily candid and reportage in nature; utilising natural or available light, and with a focus on human beings and their presence or the lack thereof. His work been published throughout Scotland and internationally, and in 2010 he became the youngest ever Photographer to take a formal portrait of Her Majesty The Queen.

Boketto is a collection of images, of moments captured candidly over more than a decade. Some are mere minutes apart with complete strangers in different countries. Some are years apart of people he has known his entire life. The common thread is that they’re all comfortably lost to that moment, and in turn somehow separated from their surroundings.

Banner image:© Shaun Murawski
Left Image: © Julie Cumming

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