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Forever Changes Artist Talk - Helene Schmitz

Forever Changes Artist Talk - Helene Schmitz
6.30pm Thursday 24th February

Livestreamed through Facebook*

For our final Forever Changes artist talk we will be joined by Swedish artist Helene Schmitz.

In her series Thinking Like a Mountain Schmitz aims to shed light on the relationship between ownership and exploitation of natural resources in the Nordic countries, a part of the world not usually associated with the term ‘colonialism’. Schmitz contends that the colonial project never came to an end – it only changed appearance. Globalization and contemporary technologies have instead allowed for a shift in the source of neo-colonialist projects, from nation-states to multinational corporations.

Schmitz photographs can be seen as meditations on man´s colonization and exploitation of natural resourses and how these processes irrevocably inscribes themselves in the landscape.

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All Images: © Helene Schmitz


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