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Off-Site Exhibition

Bash Khan - Gorbals Today


Bash Khan - Gorbals Today
Crown Street Window Display Trail
25th June - 13th July

These portraits were developed by Gorbals Culture Collective artist Bash Khan. In response to the beautiful and historical images of Old Gorbals, Bash wanted to reflect the contemporary time, the clothes, colours and the characters who navigate through Crown Street. 

Bash aims to use spaces in the public realm that can reflect the communities that live around there. Using the shop windows on Crown Street presents a perfect frame to showcase this work and the exhibition aims to develop the notion of the outdoor gallery in the area.

Thanks to everyone who took part and to all the business owners for their support, which further emphasises the key role that local shops play in developing communities and public spaces.

Images: © Bash Khan


Part of Street Level’s Culture Collective community-based artist residency programme funded by the Scottish Government through Creative Scotland.

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