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Glasgow Photobook Club #5

Glasgow Photobook Club #5
Rebecca Milling - EXIT

Street Level is pleased to be hosting the fifth session of the Glasgow Photobook Club on Wednesday 26th February  from 6pm to 7.30pm.

We shall be talking with Edinburgh-based visual artist Rebecca Milling about her book EXIT (A Book Edition, Berlin, 2019). The book is a limited edition of 75 copies, made of risograph prints. Rebecca will be happy to sign copies of her book at the end of the club. 

EXIT represents a development in the theme of disappearing acts prevalent in Rebecca Milling’s work. This series of photographs captures animals exiting the scene, and is distinct in its graphic and formal use of tone….The animals, cut in half and leaving the frame, give oblique but pointed reference to the mass endangerment of species in our present environmental crisis. […]
Cordelia Underhill

Rebecca Milling mainly works with photography. Her work is engaged with the environment and our performance within it. She has received numerous awards and exhibited at The Royal Scottish Academy, Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow; Stills, Edinburgh; Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen; Generator, Dundee; and Edinburgh Art Festival amongst others.

Host: Alan Eglinton (photographer)

Maximum number of participants: 15 (Subject to availability)

Free event. To book a place RSVP:

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