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Glasgow Photobook Club #3

Street Level Photoworks will be hosting session #3 of the Glasgow Photobook Club on Wednesday the 23rd of October 2019, 6:30 - 8:30pm.

Our invited speaker is Glasgow based artist and writer John Farrell who will present Beyond The Americans: The Photobooks of Robert Frank, a short talk on Robert Frank’s photobooks, paying particular attention to the ‘visual diaries’ published by Gerhard Steidl from 2010 until Frank’s death last month. 

Farrell's writings on Frank's work have been published in a number of books and journals. His 2016 essay Fragments of Living was first published in NOTES and later re-published by Steidl. In 2017 he organised the Scottish premiere of Don't Blink, Laura Israel's acclaimed documentary as part of Glasgow Zine Fest at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow.

He will give an overview of Frank’s published works, including books which pre-date his The Americans and discuss the ways in which Frank’s approach to photography and bookmaking changed and evolved. Key titles include Tal Uf Tal Ab (2010), You Would (2012), Park Sleep (2013), Household Inventory Record (2013) Partida (2014), What We Have Seen (2016), Leon of Juda (2017) and Good Days Quiet (2019). We will also be discussing lesser known books such as Black and White and Things (1994), Come Again (2006) and Pangnirtung (2011).

During the remaining hour, we’ll have a round table discussion about the selection of Robert Frank photobooks.

Host: Alan Eglinton (independent photographer)

Maximum number of participants: 15 (Subject to availability)

Free event. To book a place, please RSVP:

Banner Image : © Lisa Rinzler, courtesy of Grasshopper Film.
Left Image : © Robert Frank, courtesy of Steidl.

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