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Glasgow Green Live


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Hillhead Library, Glasgow : 3rd July - 7th August

Glasgow Green Live

During the Commonwealth Games photographers Colin Gray and Iseult Timmermans spent a week engaging with visitors to Glasgow Green Live Zone.  They made portraits that were printed as vinyl’s to create a mural that grew daily, resulting in a selection of 50 images covering over 100m of the perimeter fence.  One year on from that momentous event, we present a selection of the portraits that capture some of the festival atmosphere and diversity of visitors to Glasgow. 

The photographers took different approaches to engaging with the audience.  Iseult was accompanied by several assistants, a camping chair and a 2m piece of black velvet, which was held up to create an instant ‘studio’ style setting for participants.  She asked people for two different faces – a Victory Face and a Games Face – the look you’d give your competitor to psyche them out in competition.

Colin and his assistant Nina took a more roving approach, mingling with the crowds and capturing the Live Zone atmosphere through his participant’s natural expressions and colourful attire.

More images from the project can be viewed online at: 

Glasgow Green Live is a Street Level commission from Festival 2014 and is part of our Commonwealth Games Legacy exhibitions.

Hillhead Library, 348 Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8AP.  T: 0141 276 1617.  

Opening times: Monday-Thursday 10am to 8pm; Friday & Saturday 10am to 5pm; Sunday 12noon to 5pm.

banner image: Meg by Iseult Timmermans 

left image: Stuti by Colin Gray

Project assistants: Claire Maxwell; Charlotte Baudry; Cara Dickson; Donna Maria Kelly and Nina Petric-Gray.

With special thanks to Colin Begg and Clare Simpson of Festival 2014.

‘Glasgow Green Live’ is part of Street Level’s offsite programme of partnerships with local and regional venues. It is part of the Season of Photography 2015 - a lively series of exhibitions and events taking place in Scotland from April to September 2015.

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