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Gavin Moffat - Members Exhibition


Street Level Members Space | 9th Sepember - 4th October

The fourth in a series of informal members events at Street Level. These will provide members with an opportunity to show and speak about works in progress.

'I recently retired from the NHS, aged 55, having worked as a therapist within Primary Care Mental Health. I have a lifelong interest in art, science and spirituality/exploration of consciousness and have been a member of Street Level Photoworks for a year. I work with digital equipment and have used the facilities at Street Level to work on digital images. 

My project crystallised out of the above noted interests after noticing ethnically diverse people walking past a "spiritual" image created by Egyptian artist Iman Issa. Mainstream science posits that there is a form of matter invisible to our instruments (our cameras). Mainstream neuroscience and psychology posits that consciousness is an "illusion" created by brain matter . I feel that the slavery rape and murder lapping at our shores is a consequence of this false split between science and spirituality. They once shared the same lens. My project is my personal and shared process of healing this culturally acquired split.'

All Street Level members welcome.

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