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Off-Site Exhibition

Futureproof 2015 - Hillhead Library


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Hillhead Library, 348 Byres Rd, Glasgow G12 8AP
(Part 2) 18th December - 20th February

Futureproof is an annual showcase initiated by Street Level, and this year was undertaken in partnership with Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen and Lillie Art Gallery in Milngavie. This exhibition at Hillhead includes work from the latter.

It aims to capture something of the broad range of ways that younger and emerging artists engage with Photography. The title ‘FUTUREPROOF’ is a pun on the definition of futureproofing - of finding ways of not becoming obsolete in the future, and also of the subtle ways of anticipating future developments in the field, of seizing opportunities, as well as the actual and intangible influences in ideas that feed the arts of photography.

The show at Hillhead Library is split into two parts. Part 1 features: Miriam Chefrad, Will Clark, Calum Douglas, Aidan Ford, Iga Gozdowska, Mairead Keating, Rebecca Moffat, Gregor Schmatz, Lynne Strachan, Joletta Thorburn, Rachel Townsend. Part 2 features: Albert Elm, Peter Holliday, Sophie Howie, Sebastian Mary Tay, Alan Knox

For full details visit the main page: Futureproof 2015 

Banner Image: © Sophie Howie
Left Image: © Albert Elm

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