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Futureproof 2020 - Part II


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Futureproof is Street Level Photoworks annual showcase of new talent in photographic image making, selected from across Scotland’s photography and fine art degree courses.

This year due to lockdown restrictions degree shows were hosted online by the various educational establishments. Futureproof 2020 takes the form of a three-part online exhibition (Part I: September 5th – 21st September, Part II: September 21st – 5th October & Part III : October 5th – 19th October) as well as talks and events across our social media channels. 

This year the selected artists are: Tayo Adekunle, Rachel Andrew, Alison Ashwell, Grace Brandon, Annie Boothroyd, Amber Brown, Emanuele Centi, Adriana-Ioana Cosma, Annelisa Davis, Kaya Fraser, Aayushi Gupta, Joe Habben, Natalia Krezel, Molly Lindsay, Kinsey-Elaine McCallum, Amalia Shipman-Mueller, Rebecca Raw, Kirsty Robertson, Stella Rooney, Nicola Stead, Adam Stent, Jesus Torio, Sherry Trimon, Martina Tuskova and Alex Warner.

Part II: 21st September – 5th October
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Amber Brown – Edinburgh College of Art
Nicola Stead - City of Glasgow College
Alex Warner – Glasgow School of Art
Martina Tuskova – Gray's School of Art
Kaya Fraser – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design
Grace Brandon - Edinburgh Napier University
Natalia Krezel – Edinburgh College
Adam Stent - Glasgow School of Art
Amalia Shipman-Mueller – Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design

You can view Part I here and Part III here.

Banner Image: 
© Natalia Krezel, from the series 'Invisible' (Edinburgh College)

Left Image: © Alex Warner, from the series 'toss' (Glasgow School of Art)

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