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Off-Site Exhibition

Futureproof 2019


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Dunoon Burgh Hall, 95 Argyll St, Dunoon PA23 7DD

Exhibition Opening: Saturday 24th August 2pm

Futureproof is Street Level Photoworks annual showcase of new talent in photographic image making, selected from across Scotland’s photography and fine art degree courses. This landmark exhibition reflects a range of approaches and subject matter celebrating photography as a versatile form of creative expression.  At the exhibition opening the winner of The Jill Todd Photographic Bursary will be announced. We deepen the partnership with the Jill Todd Photographic Award further in announcing the Futureproof 2019 Award to one of the exhibitors in the exhibition. The JTPA promotes early careers in photography through the making and exhibiting of new photographic work. 

This year the selected artists are: Megan Archibald, Sean Patrick Campbell, Hannah Crooks, Iliana Francia-Elliott, Bethany Galley, Beathen Halbert, Keri Hannah, Susan Hunter, Rachel Jamieson, Bibo Keeley, Linden Kingston, Holly Mason, Louise Mudie, Zaneta Nowak, Ruby Pluhar, Anastasia Salnikow, Jade Scott and Kathryn Scott.

Futureproof takes place at Dunoon Burgh Hall, a B-listed, fully accessible multi-arts venue for exhibitions, performances and gatherings. Alongside a gallery and theatre, the venue offers creative workshop space, a garden and a cafe. It is the town's and artistic hub. Street Level undertake an annual exhibition partnership with Dunoon Burgh Hall, a link that stretches back ten years.

Read more about the JTPA and the partnership with Stills here

Dunoon Burgh Hall, 195 Argyll Street, Dunoon, PA23 7DD

Opening Times: Tuesday to Sunday, 12 till 4pm (closed Mondays)

Banner Image: © Anastasia Salnikow
Left Image: © Ruby Pluhar

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