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Book Launch: Undertow - Frances Scott

Publication Launch

Frances Scott - Undertow

Thursday 12th March 6 - 7pm

We are pleased to be hosting the book launch of Undertow, the debut photobook by Frances Scott published by Another Place Press. Free and all welcome.

Undertow documents the changing relationship between an islander and her home, as Frances Scott walks the coastlines of Orkney, an archipelago situated near the north coast of Scotland where the North Sea meets the Atlantic.

An undertow is a current beneath the surface that sets seaward - something which will take hold of you and pull you along, but only if you make the decision to put your feet into the water. This book - a collection of photographs, handwritten notes and map-routes - considers the nature of belonging, and how it can be formed anew, by walking the brink where land meets sea.

Frances Scott is a photographer from Orkney and based in Glasgow. Her work often focusses on journeys, from explorations of Toronto’s ravine system to her documentation of Scotland’s A9 road, and since 2016 has been working on a long-term project to walk the coastlines of Orkney.

After graduating from Glasgow School of Art with first-class honours in 2014, Frances returned to Orkney where she became one of the founding members of Móti, a collective which seeks to unite and motivate early-career artists based in the islands. In 2019 she was selected to exhibit work in the group show ‘AMBIT: Photographies from Scotland’ at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh, celebrating new and diverse approaches to photographic image-making. In 2019 she won the 2021 FLOW Photofest Commission, a biennial international photography festival held across the Highlands and Islands. ‘Undertow’ is her first book, published by Another Place Press in 2020.

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