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'Coulson & Tennant - Fractured' Screening

Coulson & Tennant - 'Fractured' Screening
6.30pm Thursday 11th August 2022
Tolbooth, Stirling
Part of Stirling Photography Festival
Free but Ticketed - Book Here

As part of the opening reception for the Coulson & Tennant / Helene Schmitz exhibition at Tolbooth, Stirling we are pleased to present a special screening Coulson & Tennant's award-winning short Fractured (2020, duration 4.44 mins).

The films explores the tensions and complications between our virtual and physical worlds. A stunning, experimental documentary filmed in the polar regions, it subtly questions our complicated consumption of environmental imagery through digital platforms. As the creation of our virtual worlds increase, our natural world is disappearing at an alarming rate. In the future, will these environments only exist as pixelated memories?. 

Fractured has been screened in multiple film festivals in Europe and America including the International Migration and Environmental Festival in Toronto and The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York. Fractured was awarded best ‘Super Short’ and ‘Experimental Short’ at the Short Film Factory and Best Short Film Festival in 2020.

18:30 Arrival and registration – Gallery open
19:00 Auditorium – Welcome & Introduction
Screening of ‘Fractured’
20:30 Close



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