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Morwenna Kearsley - FONDS


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Morwenna Kearsley - FONDS
4th February - 2nd May 2024
Tramway (Upstairs Space), Glasgow

A Community Launch Event took place on Saturday 3rd February.

FONDS comprises of forty colour still life photographs, or "object portraits". Each image represents an evocative object belonging to a local resident of Govanhill, a neighbourhood on the Southside of Glasgow. In collaboration with a local community newspaper, Greater Govanhill Magazine, we asked people who live in the local area to share an object that meant something special to them. From Kuwait to Brazil, Afghanistan to Rwanda, the objects represent stories of migration, transformation, love, and resilience. As the story behind each photograph reveals, the objects act as a memory aid, a catalyst to remember a specific time, person or place. Not unlike a photograph, our personal objects are reminders of who we are and what we hold dear.

The project is titled FONDS in relation to the phrase “to be fond of something or someone” and also because in archival science, a” fonds” is agroup of documents that share the same origin.

FONDS is a project with three main strands: the photographs, by Morwenna Kearsley; short text pieces taken from an interview with each participant and, in 2024, a series of 9 podcasts, produced by Flora Zajicek. Read more here and follow the link to the podcasts here

FONDS was created in 2022 by Morwenna Kearsley, who worked on this project during a two-year community-based residency with Street Level Photoworks as part of their Culture Collective programme. It was developed in partnership with Greater Govanhill community magazine and Thriving Govanhill.

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Images: © Morwenna Kearsley, courtesy Street Level Photoworks Culture Collective Programme

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