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Off-Site Exhibition



25th & 26th June 2022
43 Nithsdale Street

Launch event 22nd June 5.30 - 8pm

An exhibition of staged photographic portraiture which aims to celebrate inspirational Roma people from history alongside self-portraits made in and around Govanhill.

Over a series of workshops, Morwenna Kearsley & Alex Popa worked with six young people, brought together through Romano Lav’s Community Catalyst programme, to explore their Roma heritage through performative self-portraiture. With reference to the Scottish-Ghanaian artist Maud Sulter (1960-2008), in particular her series Les Bijoux (2002) in which the artist re-imagines herself as Jeanne Duval (a 19th century artist who was excluded from most histories of that time) and photographs of famous Roma people, they created a new set of portraits and a selection of self-portraits taken in and around Govanhill. 

“I’ve been so impressed and inspired by watching the group work together as art directors, models, hair and make-up artists, lighting technicians and photographers. The historical figures the group have represented did so much to advocate for the rights of all Roma and I see their achievements reflected in this group of talented young people.”

Morwenna Kearsley, June 2022

All photographs created by Natalia Balogova, Sandra Duraskova, Dorota Gombarova, Paulina Gombarova, Serena Gombarova and Alex Horvath, brought together by Romano Lav in collaboration with Morwenna Kearsley & Alex Popa as part of their Culture Collective residency with Street Level Photoworks.

This work is presented as part of the exhibition astar e iag, Romano Lav's celebration event for Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller History Month.

43 Nithsdale Street (above The Deep End)
G41 2PZ

Opening Hours:
Saturday & Sunday 12pm - 4pm

Banner and side images by Romano Lav Community Catalysts in collaboration with Morwenna Kearsley&Alex Popa.


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