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Off-Site Exhibition

As I See Cuba


As I See Cuba  - Dougie Souness & Roberto Chile
Hillhead Library
17th January - 27th February

In November 2019, Cuba celebrated the 500th anniversary of its capital city Havana. Twinned with Glasgow in 2002, Havana is the focus of this unique photography exhibition by two distinguished photographers: Roberto Chile from Havana and Dougie Souness from Glasgow.

First shown in 2019 at Trongate 103 as part of Havana Glasgow Film Festival (HGFF), the exhibition represents the personal viewpoints of the island from both photographers, although the resulting whole is a compelling and cohesive vision – the result of close collaboration from afar. 

Roberto Chile (b. 1954 Havana, Cuba) is documentarist and photographer. He has written and directed several features about Cuban culture as well as participating as a producer, director of photography and cameraman in many Cuban and foreign productions. His photographs have been exhibited in Cuba and many other countries. As a personal cameraman, he accompanied Fidel Castro, the leader of the Cuban Revolution, on his travels through Cuba and the world from 1984 to 2006, thus perpetuating Fidel’s profile and documenting his constant revolutionary exercise. His most relevant photographic projects, “Fidel es Fidel” and “SOMOS”, have been praised by the public and critics inside and outside Cuba. 

Dougie Souness is a Scottish photographer based in Glasgow. He has made many photographic journeys to Cuba, capturing at first hand the people, infrastructure, landscapes and wildlife throughout the country. 

He is well known for his artist management role at music company No Half Measures, who work with the groups Wet Wet Wet, Hue and Cry, Red Sky July and Anchor Lane.  He has travelled extensively and has visited more than fifty countries around the world, usually with camera in hand. His music photography has been used in numerous album releases and publications whilst his underwater, street, and landscape photography has received published recognition and plaudits. 

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Images: © Dougie Souness / Roberto Chile

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