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Arctic Swell Walk & Talk and Book Launch

Arctic Swell Walk & Talk and Book Launch
Street Level Photoworks
2pm Saturday 20th July
Free and all welcome

Join Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte for a special guided tour of her exhibition Arctic Swell: a simple melody, on show at Street Level Photoworks until Sunday 4th August. The artist will share insights into the themes and processes of making the works on show, followed by an audience Q+A and the launch of her new short-run publication SYLVAN (three works about holding and trees).

Arctic Swell: a simple melody is an installation of still and moving image which seeks to sooth solastalgia - anxiety stemming from the man-made climate crisis. The work spans both galleries, one a ‘darkroom’ of video and photographic lightboxes, whilst the ‘lightroom’ comprises of wall based and suspended imagery. Come along and hear from the artist as to her working methods and the themes within her multilayered work.  

Often research based, Kotryna's works draw from different disciplines like biology, history or plant science. In her most recent works she is focusing on ecology and her works have taken different shapes from moving image pieces and installations to small run publications.

View the Online Exhibition Here

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