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AMBIT: Photographies from Scotland 2019


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Artists Talks: Saturday 22nd June at 3pm - Edyta Majewska,Csilla Kozma, and Katy Hundertmark

Featuring work by: 
Edyta Majewska, Iain Sarjeant, Csilla Kozma, Katy Hundertmark, and Matthew Arthur Williams.

AMBIT is an exhibition of work celebrating new and diverse approaches to photographic image making in Scotland. The participating artists deploy diverse approaches, including the everyday in social landscape, performative and object based intersections with photography, alternative processes embracing hybrids between photography and printmaking, and themes from the theatrical and mythical, to those of gender and citizenship. 

Katy Hundertmark is a German born artist based in Edinburgh. Her photographic practice employs performance as a way of inhabiting the photographic space. In ‘Studies in Gravitation’ Hundertmark revisits the performative potential of photography through a series of photographs that reintroduce the self as performer and capture her attempt of grasping the intangible. 

The performative possibilities of photographic images are at the core of Hungarian born Csilla Kozma, whose most recent body of work explores the idiosyncratic nature of the Mordançage process. Kozma’s unique and expressive prints explore the representation of the figure and self through a post-photographic lens, utilising the potentiality of alternative photographic processes to evoke tension and mystery whilst creating her own photographic reality. 

Similarly Edyta Majewska turns the camera on herself as she documents the arduous process of applying for British Citizenship. Majewska, a Polish born artist who has been based in Glasgow for over twenty years, turns her experience of being an Eastern European national in Post-Brexit Britain into 'Other White', a moving and immersive photographic installation and a timely record of the precarious and hostile political climate of modern day Britain. 

A contrasting record of contemporary Scotland is offered by Scottish photographer Iain Sarjeant. Whilst being based in the Highlands of Scotland Sarjeant has travelled the length and breadth of the country to create a startling yet understated document of everyday Scotland, documenting common place yet often overlooked landscapes to create a visual record of a nation in flux. 

Matthew Arthur Williams’ series ‘In Conflict’ is a collaborative project that stems from a personal quest developed through conversations with friends, family and peers. Williams’ photographs address forms of acceptance and surviving in a British context described as ‘other’.

AMBIT is a partnership between Street Level Photoworks (Glasgow), and Stills (Edinburgh), Scotland’s public venues dedicated to photography. The exhibition will be presented across both venues and is a joint venture aimed at showcasing some of the current tendencies and innovative talent from the photography sector in Scotland.

The exhibition at Stills runs from 12th April to 2nd June 2019 and features work by Kieran Dodds, Brittonie Fletcher, Alex Hall, Morwenna Kearsley, Mhairi Law and Frances Scott

Further Resources

Our AMBIT artist video series profiles the five artists featuring in AMBIT: Photographies from Scotland. Each short video includes narration from the artist on the thoughts and ideas behind their work.

Csilla Kozma


Edyta Majewska

Katy Hundertmark

Iain Sarjeant

Matthew Arthur Williams

AMBIT: Photographies from Scotland 2017
Stills: Centre for Photography 

Banner Image: © Csilla Kozma
Left Image: © Katy Hundertmark

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