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Jill Todd Photographic Award 2014

Jill Todd Photographic Award 2014

Saturday 25th October at 3pm, Street Level Photoworks
Join some of the exhibiting artists to hear about their work on display.

The Jill Todd Photographic Award is an annual award providing a valuable opportunity for emerging photographers to showcase a new body of work and benefit from the exposure of a gallery show. Ithas been established to support and celebrate the work of talented photographers from major Photography and Arts Degree programmes in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Ingvild Melberg Eikeland, Frank McElhinney and Cliff Andrade

Sandra Platas Hernandez, Rachel Glass, Mat Hay and Daniele Sambo

More info about the exhibition: Jill Todd Photographic Award 2014

Banner image: Daniele Sambo
Left image: Rachel Glass

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