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Producing Digital negatives

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Thursday 11 May 2017 : 6pm - 9pm

This session will give you an insight and practical experience of how to create the best digital negatives for different types of alternative processes. 

Book via website or call 0141 552 2151.

Creating negatives digitally is a new(ish) process (1990s)  that gives one absolute control over the density, contrast, and look of the final print. This process also makes it feasible to use a digital file instead of a negative to make an analogue print. This means that one can take something as simple as a camera phone photo and turn it into a chemical print.

This 3 hour workshop will go through the basic steps of converting a digital file or scanned negative or image and transform it into a workable digital negative for use with a variety of different printing techniques.  The digital negative process can be applied to numerous photographic processes (Silver Gelatin, Gum Bichromate, Kallitype, Platinum, Palladium, Van Dyke, Gravure and others).  

This workshop is especially useful for those working with or interested in exploring alternative and historic photographic printing processes.

What to bring:  A digital file to work from which may be from any of the following: a digital camera, a cell phone, a digital collage, a scanned negative, a scanned photograph or other object.

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