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Black & White Beginners Evening Course



B&W Beginners Evening Course
Thursdays 08, 15, 22, 29 February and 07th March 2024
6:00pm - 9:00pm
£190 / £160 (members / concession)

Tutor: Tiu Makkonen

A consistently popular course introducing you to everything you need to know to start shooting and printing B&W film.  Learn the whole process of analogue B&W photography over the course of 5 weeks, from exposure and composition to processing your film, printing up contact sheets and making enlargements. This course will equip you with all the skills required to use a darkroom without assistance. You can use your own 35mm camera on the course, if you require loan of a camera please get in touch and we can arrange one for you. All film, paper and chemistry are supplied.

Course contents

Week 1 : 35mm SLR Camera

- Camera handling and how the camera works

- Understanding basic camera functions: shutter speed, aperture, ISO and their creative application

- Setting correct exposure

- Loading film (36 frames)

- You will shoot the film in your own time before the next session.

Week 2 : Film processing

- Introduction to film processing equipment

- Practising loading films onto spirals

- Process films from the week before

- Drying and archiving negatives

Week 3: Darkroom I – Contact sheet

- Introduction to the darkroom, chemistry and materials

- Darkroom etiquette and health & safety

- Making a contact sheet from your negatives

Week 4 : Darkroom II – First prints

- Making enlargements from negatives (10” x 8”)

- Various creative printing techniques, dodging/burning

Week 5: Darkroom III – Printing continued

- Recap

- Self-initiated, supported printmaking

Tiu Makkonen is a fine art and freelance photographer originally from Finland who has been living and working in Scotland for over a decade. Tiu has exhibited her work in both group and solo shows and currently works as the Facility Assistant at Street Level Photoworks. More info here

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