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Source: Jolanta Dolewska

Source: Jolanta Dolewska

Posted on: 9th January 2018


Source: Jolanta Dolewska
Issue 92 (Winter 2017)

Following portfolio reviews at Street Level with Source editor John Duncan in September, the new issue of the magazine has published an 8 page portfolio of images and an essay by Daniel Jewesbury on Jolanta Dolewska's project 'Breathless'. Jolanta is a Glasgow based artist and gallery assistant at Street Level, who has been developing various bodies of work utilising Street Level's facilities.

The starting point for Jolanta Dolewska’s work was photographing human bodies at the point of exhalation. Informed by the Italian philosopher Agamben’s writing on the body reduced to biology without political rights, Dolewska was interested ‘in different forms they take when airless and how the body becomes a mere shape’. In Daniel Jewesbury’s accompanying essay he takes his personal physicality as a starting point into thinking about the violation of the body in the second world war and the current lack of humanity at the borders of Europe.

Jolanta also gave a talk on her work at Nida Photography Symposium on the Baltic Coast in September, running alongside the Kaunas Photo Festival, part of our ongoing partnerships with Lithuania.

More Information: Jolanta Dolewska 

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