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SLP Members Space: Paul Walton

SLP Members Space: Paul Walton

Posted on: 18th September 2018


Members Platform: Paul Walton
Members Space, Street Level Facility

Opening Event: Saturday 29th September, 3-5pm
Free and refreshments provided. All members (and guest of) welcome.

Given is a series of darkroom prints of figurative sculpture, shot on film. The subjects are ‘art treasures’ in galleries, manikins, cheap souvenirs, sometimes sculptures of people, sometimes gods or animals, and images of stained glass are included as ‘sculpture’.

The series is an offshoot of a wider project focused on the interplay between human and non-human life at the dawn of the Anthropocene era - a personal reaction to living at this pivotal time. Upset, even anger, at the human impact on species, climate and ecosystems is a part of that reaction. But the project aims to come to terms with and resolve emerging realities and ethics of this new geological era, defined by human impacts on the biosphere.

To do that, Paul seeks to overcome the misanthropic instinct that so often accompanies environmentalism. Given examines, tries to comprehend and then curate the gaze of artists on the living figure - the gaze presented to us, the audience, as a gift. It is intended as an act of gratitude.

Image: © Paul Walton

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